06 October 2007

Pulling your weight.

The mice have their bags packed. They are ready to leave the great outdoors to move into a warm and comfy winter home- our home... ((Gggrrrr.))
I miss Morgan. He wasn't a great mouser, but he certainly helped.
This little momma seems to be picking up the slack though. See the big bulge in her belly? Zoi stared at and consider momma and her two babies for quite a while before deciding that they were o.k. and walked away. I commented to Art that we used to go through a big bag of cat food a month. Zo seems to be on a mouse diet since we have been on the same little bag since August.
Polar, ever the helper, is doing his part trying to round up frogs in the pond. Looks like wading around in the mud to me, but he's sure he's helping.

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