09 October 2007


Had a great time in Newport this weekend. It went by way too fast, surprise surprise. We saw family, some only for a brief moment but it still counts. They had a lift assist so Mom was able to get into the pool for the first time since she's been in her wheelchair. It was great to see her smile and have a good time.

We had lots of good beer at Oktoberfest, while listening to some great music. The volume reminded me a lot more of Mexico than Germany, but I really enjoyed the yodeling version of Play that Funky Music. The accordianist was also a pretty good trumpet player. Spaten was probably the most German beer there. They do something to it when they bring it into this country, though, that ruins it. Well, not ruin ruin as it was still quite drinkable, but it doesn't taste anything like the bier in Germany. We had schnitzel, and bavernwurst with saurkraut that was pretty good, too. Brought back a piece of Black Forest Cake for Art's folks.

We went over to the pier in hopes of seeing the boat crane in action, but while they moved it and strung up the lift, nothing was actually lifted... We did have a seagull to mess with and saw a large school of fish swimming around though.

My DH got me an early birthday present. A great gold ring. My wedding ring has a marquis cut, and sticks up really high. So if I am not cutting myself with the sharp edges or ripping my clothes on it, I am whacking it in to something and bending it over. So I switched to a simple gold band that I bought for myself in college. A couple of months ago my acidy fingers ate right through the back of it. So we found a beautiful yet simple gold band that I can wear every day without poking my eye, or Art's eye, out.

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