30 October 2008

Birthday Bliss

It has been a busy couple of weeks (surprise, surprise!)
Update on Zoi- They were really encouraging us to put her down asap. I sat holding her all weekend crying my eyes out and just couldn't come around to it. We picked out a spot, and made a nice box and pillow for her. Art couldn't do it either. Then after a couple of days on the steroids, antibiotics, and painkillers she started to feel better. She started eating again, and had a little energy. Nope- not going to do it. We know that we are just buying a little time with the steroids but we have cherished every minute, and will do so until the end!
My Mother came for a visit last week and she brought a special guest- My niece R! I was pretty excited. I think she was too :) We scoured the house and even hooked up the wood cook stove on Thursday then picked them up late.
Friday, we headed out to the seacoast. We went to Warren's for lunch. Fabulous seafood place on the water with a salad bar that can't be beat. I think this place has been around for over a hundred years! Delish!
We stopped at Nubble Light in York before heading up to...
-(you guessed it)- Ogunquit. One of my new favorite places.
We walked the Marginal Way cliff walk, and shopped in the little shops. Unfortunately, all the boats were put away for the season. It was a gorgeous clear day with temps in the 60's.
Since we had a teenage girl with us (and my Mom) we stopped at the outlet malls in Kittery for a little shopping. Then went to Poco's in Portsmouth for dinner. What a great birthday. Warrens, Ogunquit, family, and Poco's! We stopped and got cake and ice cream on the way home. Cake at ten o'clock? Sure- it was tasty!

The next day we had a part of Art's family over for dinner, and then headed off to the Keene Pumpkin Festival. It was pouring buckets by the time we got there, but we made it!
I also got a special birthday gift from my girls today. My nieces were out visiting the chickens and they found a perfect small brown EGG!
My first egg! Couldn't be a better birthday gift.
Wil and his crew were renovating the greenhouse this week so the girls and Elliot were cooped up the whole time. Meant to be. The egg was in the laying box where it should be! Yippee! The south section of the greenhouse was ripped off and replaced along with the back doors. The girls will be snug and warm this winter!

We got the lid on just in time since the first snow was last night!
I got a Frederick's cake to celebrate an early B-day for R. I got a horse theme since she is a horse enthusiast. No pics from the Pumpkin Fest. Way too soggy! We spent Monday in Boston with my Mom and neice. We walked all over that place. Parked in the Common, went to Newbury street for some shopping (really looking since everything there is so $$$$), then over to Fanieul Hall and Quincy Market for lunch and more shopping. The teenager was in heaven. I (and my Mom) sure enjoyed the little model with no shirt on outside the Abercrombi and Fitch place. But, man that place is LOUD! and the place is saturated with the stink of perfume! I felt old in there. I liked the American Eagle place a little better. They had chairs where I could watch videos of songs I had never heard before, but that R swore were the best songs around! LOL! We thought we would end the day by having dinner in China Town, but once there she was a little put off by the chickens, squid, and other misc. meats hanging in a lot of the restaurants.
So we headed out and up stopping at the Cheesecake factory in Burlington instead.

The visit was way too short, but we sent R off with a smile on her face and an extra suitcase of loot! so I think all went well.


Renna said...

First of all, Shannon, I'm so thankful that you and Art were granted more time with Zoi.

Secondly, I greatly envy you, living near so many neat places to visit. Reading your blog makes my life seem so DULL! ;-Þ

Hooray for the egg! WooHoo, that's something to celebrate, along with the birthdays! Happy birthday, by the way!

Your nieces are real cuties, too. :-)

Shannon said...

I am thankful for the extra time, too. Every minute I get I scoop her up and give her a big hug!
I love to explore and visit new areas around where I live. There are beautiful places hidden in the most unlikely spots!
Hubby is happy that the girls have started earning their keep.
Thanks for popping by! I'll be over to visit you soon :)

Uncivil said...

Happy Birthday. Glad to hear Zoi is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! 23? Glad to hear about Zoi. Congrats on the egg. What time's breakfast?

The T-Dude said...

That is so hard...we went through a long struggle with a dog a couple of years back. I know how difficult it is.

Wow, what beautiful pics! You live in a lovely place.

Life Of An Emt said...

Happy Birthday =)
I am very happy to hear you have been granted extra time to spend with Zoi you have given her a good life.
looking at the pictures its so beautiful where you live I love the lighthouse and looks like it was a long day of shopping and having fun. want another Niece I am up for grabs lol.

Cal said...

Happy birthday, Shannon! Zoi could not have given you a better gift... I know you will cherish it.

Shannon said...

Thank you everyone for your well wishes :)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Happy extremely belated birthday, sweetie... sounds like you had a wonderful day!! (October birthdays are great, aren't they?)
Thanks for the offer for the chicken soup- is that mean ol' roo still among the living, or is he in the pot? LOL