04 October 2008

Back in the saddle...

almost. With only one (scheduled) trip left this year I thought it would be a good time to look back. One year I spent over 60 nights away from home. This year I had a mere 51, and Art 57. Oops, forgot one- I had 55 and Art had 61. It is good to be home!

Yesterday morning I sprung the chickens as soon as I got up. I feel bad that they have to stay in their coop all week, even though the gals pick weeds for them and leave the light on all day for them. The morning rushed by and we had to dash over to Art's folks to get Polar. I forgot about my little chicks! I have left the house without putting them away before and when I came home they are always snuggled up in their coop for the night- with Elliot keeping one eye at the door of course! Still, I went out there as soon as we got home. It was really windy and the leaves in the trees make creepy scary movie sounds in the fall, so I strapped on my head lamp and brought Polar with me as backup. Got to the greenhouse, turned on the lights and OH NO!
The back door had blown open. Uh oh! The coop door was blown shut! Oh boy... Maybe they got in before it blew shut. Empty. Panic set in. I frantically search the greenhouse. No chicks. Look out behind the greenhouse where we found them last time. Nothing. I try to get Polar to help me but he is off sniffing and piddling on his territory- figures... Search behind the greenhouse in the weeds. Nope. Around the front, in the front part of the greenhouse- shut tight. Then I heard something. So did Polar. Back to the main greenhouse to check along the short wall again. I hear the sound again right outside. Run, trip because it is dark (and I am a clutz), get up run some more and find Elliot tucked against the outside of the greenhouse. A pile of chickens were stacked on top of each other huddled right next to him. One by one I lift them over the short wall into the greenhouse. They seemed glad to see me. Wait a minute. Elliot and six. Count again. one two three... six. Who's missing? Scramble around the bushes- nothing. Count again. Missing one Australorp. Ginny. Start the search again. After 25 minutes I realize that finding a black chicken in this dark night is not going to happen. I hope and pray that she is just snuggled in a bush somewhere for the night. What if she was scooped up by a Hawk?!?
This morning I went out first thing with Polar. I went in to check on everyone else first. All present and accounted for. Elliot crows hello! Off to search the same pattern and out into the field. After about a half an hour I decide to let the others out into the greenhouse for a while. I go in and I see a little black dart run under the bobcat. Could it be? Ginny poked her head out and started doing her unhappy moan. I scooped her up so fast! I opened the coop door and she ran right in! Poor thing.

Happy Anniversary

Art's parents celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary last week. Pretty impressive. We all brought dinner, drinks, and dessert and headed over for the evening. We had a great time. Pam was even able to come up.


C said...

Happy Anniversary to Art's parents! I love seeing couples married for 50+ years! It really is special to have love endure like that :) Sweet!

Oh my gosh! What a scary and unnerving chicken story! Poor things! I can't imagine how scared they must have been! My SIL has chickens too and hers were attacked by something (not sure if it was a raccoon or something else). It was a blood bath. So sad. Thankfully all of yours were safe! :)

Uncivil said...

You had me at "Scramble around the bushes"
I waas thinkin' scrambled eggs for some reason?

Farm Chick Paula said...

How scary about the chickens... I've had that happen, too!! It's funny how they will stay together like that.. "All for one and one for all" I guess!! LOL
I'm glad little Ginny was safe and sound, even if she had to spend the night away from everybody.

Congrats to Art's parents- 55 years is truly amazing!!!

Shannon said...

It was a little scary for them and for me. They seem to have bounced back since they now hop in and out of the greenhouse at will :) I am hoping we will be secured before winter which is when raccoon's, foxes, or fisher cats go on the hunt!

Scramble. I was being funny and didn't even know it! Can't slip one by you ;)

I am glad they stick together. A little more power in numbers~