11 October 2008

Money, Politics, and the American Way
I started reading a Clive Cussler book the other day. I would've sworn it was a brand new book because of how current the issues involved were such as global warming, financial scares, and oil price spikes and shortages. Turns out it was written in the seventies. So was this clip I found. I am just about to stick my head out the window- too bad I live in the middle of nowhere and only Polar, the chickens, and nearby squirrels would hear...
The bailout, from minute one, seemed to me to be a horrible plan. Like putting a bandaid to try to heal a severed wound. I compared it to my business because after all, it is only a bunch of zeroes that separate us from them. If my business is being poorly run and we overspend who has to pony up? I do. If times turn sour, and business is down who pays? We do. I've been at that point more times than I care to count with my little rinky dink biz. But, I assure you it is my bank account being drained, or my signature on the loan paperwork for a bridge loan. I can't even imagine asking the government to give me money because I screwed up, or didn't have a big enough egg stashed away for poor times. I wouldn't even know who to ask, but I am sure whoever got my call would die laughing! It's capitalism. That's how it works, and that is why it works. If you screw up that badly, you fail!
The election is looming and we will have a historic first regardless of who wins. Everyone throws (or lately spits) Republican and Democrat as if they are four letter words, and to admit one or the other is likening yourself to the Nazi party or Communistic regime. I don't play that. I vote for the person, not the party.
The first president I really loved was Reagan. I would say that he is my favorite- in my lifetime so far. I didn't mind Bush I, or Clinton. I abhor Bush Jr. Hate him. Hate that he lead us to war for oil while ignoring viable alternatives in this country. btw-I don't think we should pull out and abandon the people in those countries we devastated, either.
This time around it is Obama that scares the living crud out of me. We are a hair's breath away from socializing our system, and with him I am afraid that would only be the beginning. I like capitalism. I like getting compensated for a job well done. I understand that I won't get paid if I don't work, or if I screw it up. The whole tax the rich to give to the poor is horrifying. Maybe I am a little biased as I just finished Atlas Shrugged, but it is hard to see it playing out any other way. There are moments when I remind myself he hasn't actually done anything! He could turn out to be a puppet that gets pushed around by those in office.
Then there is the fact I think things could still be going South. Whoever gets elected may be branded with the failings through no fault of his own, so who should that be??
John McCain is nothing like Bush. To digress, I hate Bush. I really like John McCain- and I think Sarah Palin is just awesome. Living in NH I am among friends with this opinion, although the hardcore conservatives don't think he is Republican enough. Ms. Palin saved the day there. I like that he has been working to cut pork, even though is part of the senate. In our business (industry) we learned first hand how much money and time it takes to finally get a bill on the floor, Then to have to bend over and take it while they go back and forth getting their special earmarks and concessions put in. Then you have to do it again for funding. I think this is a huge problem in our governmental system. I also like his health care policies. Being a small business I like his incentives (or should I say lack of additional taxes) that will help (or at least not hurt) keep my business going in good times and bad. I like his practical approach to energy. He was one of the first to support a biomass initiative. See above for how it turned out, but the fact is he helped write it and get it passed. I find it absolutely embarassing that we exported more biomass than we used domestically last year. Export our cheap biomass to Europe,and import more oil from the Middle East. We have about 1.4 billion tons of biomass waste annually in this country yet we used 1.3 million tons and exported 1.6 million. Disgusting. Actually, I think either candidate may do o.k. on this front but McCain HAS been doing something, and I think has the experience and knowledge to make it happen NOW!
I know politics is often a touchy subject, and I am sure there are multiple people who will take offense somehow to what I have said. It was more written for me. I would like to look back at my frame of mind before the election.
Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadian friends!


C said...

Wow! Great post, Shannon. I find it so interesting to read and listen to the view points of both Republicans and Democrats. It's true that politics is a touchy topic. I've got some friends who got into a big argument on Facebook about political views.

Anyway, Hubby and I have immersed ourselves in American politics on the news lately. It's so interesting how I find it distracts me from our election that will take place in three days!!! In a way, it kind of makes sense though. So much of what happens in Canada depends on what's going on in the States.

Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! We're not even through Thanksgiving weekend and I'm already stuffed and exhausted!

Uncivil said...

Great post Shannon. I'm a "Reaganite" too!
But, I never registered to vote until Clinton was on the ticket.....so I could vote against him!!!!LOL
It's good to blog with a capitalist, and I can't understand why more people don't see Obama's socialist views and run like hell in the opposite direction?

Shannon said...

C- Good luck with your elections. Hopefully, it is less dramatic than we have made it out to be here ;)
Uncivil- I can still remember where I was when I watched Reagan get sworn into office. (swoon) Funny what sticks in out in our memories!

Yvonne said...

I may not even vote this time. It is like picking between the lesser of two evils.

tlawwife said...

Thank-you for visiting my blog.

I loved your post. I have shied away from the politic issue because I am afraid of the wrath of viewers. I also like McCain. I like that he actually has ideas. Not just say what the polls say. I think as small business people it is easier to understand that we are responsible for our own mistakes. If I go down because I live in too big of a house then it is my fault and we will learn to like being around each other in a small one. Most likely we will just continue to work obnoxious hours at more than one job to pay for our decisions and hope to make better ones next time.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow girl... I like you even more now than I did before!!
It's so nice to hear someone else say they loved Reagan... I thought I was the only one!!

Cal said...

Totally with you!