05 May 2008

Weekend Warrior

DH and his friend Paul went on a hiking excursion this weekend tackling Hancock. I got some lovely flowers on his return.
Of course, Lizzy's fluffy butt was up on the table munching on said flowers not five minutes later. Sorry, no pic of me flailing screaming aiming my little squirt bottle, or her defiant gaze in response as she reluctantly strolled off of the table, shaking her wet paw and turning her back on me...


EXSENO said...

The flowers are lovely. I wonder why cats always have to climb? Mine jumps up on the kitchen counter every chance she gets. Maybe they have some secret desire to be a bird.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Gorgeous. Looks like the Smoky Mountains near where I live.
I love that you used a squirt bottle and that she ignored you...too funny.