06 May 2008

Solar Clothes Dryer

Nearly three years ago when we began our garage addition we did a french drain around the house. This uprooted many favorite plants, grass, and my beloved clothes line. We are slowly replanting or replacing the plants and grass, and I was thrilled when they (finally) reinstalled my solar clothes dryer yesterday. Nothing gives you crisp fresh sheets like line drying! :) :) :)


EXSENO said...

Now you made me want to start using my cloths line again. You're right there is no dryer that can give close that crispy fresh smell of the outdoors. Only a cloths line can do that.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Neat! We put ours up last month- I need to post some pictures.. not as big as yours, though- that's impressive!

Average Jane said...

I wish I could have a clothesline in my back yard, but they're prohibited in the town where I live.