09 May 2008

Happy Anniversary

Part of the crew!
Showroom and Awards

A view of the 200 or so tons of pellets tucked into the warehouse.

Back in 1998 we started our little stove shop in a cozy corner with a 400 sq. foot showroom, and a 1000 square foot warehouse. We had an older than dirt Yale forklift, five stoves, lots of plants to fill the space, and a truck of pellets.
Within two years we had our first employee and moved to a bigger location. Within five years we had several employees and needed a warehouse desperately.
Now at ten years we have a 5000 square foot warehouse with a loading dock, a 1000 square foot showroom with 1400 square feet of storage, six guys, lots of vehicles, wood pellet grills, stoves, furnaces, boilers, and many many pellets.
It has been ten great years. We've had a lot of sleepless nights, worry and excitement, but there is still so much to do!

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C said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I have a feeling my hubby is going to love this post when he sees it! Wood stoves, furnaces, etc are right up his alley. I told you he was thinking of getting a pellet stove like the ones you guys sell. I think that's one of his purchases for next year. We've got a big old wood furnace in the basement and I never go down there to load it with wood. I hate basements! LOL! He figures if he gets me a pellet stove, I'd be able to feed it myself and he won't always have to do it. LOL!