19 May 2008

Sour Pickles

What happened to our darling kitten Blizzadora? She went to the vet to be spayed a wide eyed snuggly little puff-ball. She came home rotten cat with attitude.
She has a new trick that she apparently learned at the vet office. If she doesn't like what you are doing she latches on with all four feet claws sinking in to the nearest piece of flesh and bites another bit of arm or leg as hard and as fast as she can.
We were trying to get the clumps of hair that develop in her arm pits when she first tried it on us. This is a group activity where one person holds her and the other gently combs and cuts away the clumps. Not this time-nosiree. She was a hissing and flailing, biting, spitting, clawing little terror. We just looked at each other with jaws dropped! What happened?!? Maybe it was a fluke...
Then later I was passing by and picked her up to give her a snuggle, and she did the same thing! Not one to be shaken I later patted her as she was laying next to me napping. She woke up and was in a crabby mood grumbling at me so I picked her up to be treated to a hiss and a bite! Who are you?? What did you do with my kitten? She pulled a similar stunt when Art tried to get her out of one of her favorite places, the garage. Here she is taking out her frustrations on poor Zoi.
She was pretty ticked off when I extracted her from Ody's cage yesterday. How did she get in there, you ask? Well Ody was on top of the cage and Lizzie thought she would scale up the front to get him- up the open door that is. Ody saw her coming freaked out and flew off the cage. Lizzie tried to jump for it and landed inside the cage slamming the door on herself. Priceless really!
So now I am taking it on myself to dawn thick fleece sweatshirt and pants to "snuggle" Lizzie every chance I get to try to squeeze out the sour pickle juice she picked up at the vet...


Uncivil said...

Maybe you got someone else's cat?......You know....a mix up!!!
Just kiddin'......sounds like kitty hell around there! Glad Ody made the great escape. That was close!

C said...

LOL @ what Jimmy said!

Oh, dear! Shannon, the EXACT same thing happened to us. We took Spike and her brother, Trouble to get spayed and neutered and they were both the most wonderful kittens prior to their operations. They were sweet, full of life and so affectionate!

Well, Spike is down right evil these days! Okay, she's not evil but she's so darn moody!!! She's irritable and she does the same thing your Lizzie does with the digging in the claws. Spike even runs up to me in the kitchen while I'm cooking and seriously latches onto my legs and then bites my feet!!!

Trouble is fine. He's just super lazy now. He's getting really huge too. That's the only thing I don't like about the getting them "fixed". *sigh*

What we do for our fur babies, eh!? ;)

P.S. I wish you had gotten a video of her slamming the door on herself. Ody's a smart one! Good thing he saw her coming and flew the coop!

Precious photo of Lizzie on the lawn mower! Too cute!

Shannon said...

Uncivil- Come to think of it they didn't put a little name bracelet on her when we dumped her off! So, maybe she is the long lost evil twin... Ody is a tough nut. He was pretty proud of himself (like he was the one who locked her in!LOL)
C-I don't know if it is a good thing that we are not the only ones. I was hoping it was temporary, or a freak mishap... She is coming around though. It has been back in the thirties at night so she decided snuggling was good again ;)
As far as the claws in the leg I feel for you! I am not looking forward to shorts weather!
Locking herself in the cage was a once in a lifetime priceless experience. I felt very lucky to have witnessed it! Hubby got to see the priceless time when our Malamute stepped on his tongue and kept trying to go forward instead of backing up to get off of it. Animals! They make me laugh every day!

S2 said...

Awwwwwwwwww. Poor baby.

We also have a cat w/an attitude although she had hers prior to being spayed.

I wish you good luck w/your little one. Remember to always protect your eyes b/c when those claws come out, they can hit anything!

Mom to seven cats,


The Mistress said...

OMG What little sweeties!!!!!

They are beautiful!

My two cats need playmates...let's arrange something. LMAO!

Farm Chick Paula said...

I love the part about squeezing the sour pickle juice out of her... there are some people I would like to do that to! And I mean squeeze.. REALLY... HARD... LOL

Shannon said...

S2- Good heads up. Thankfully she hasn't tried that yet!
the mistress- there is a whole blog and a half I could do about Lizzie's behavior in the car. That would probably be the biggest stumbling block in most cat playdates I imagine ;)
Paula- LOL! I know too many people that need to have sour pickle juice squeezed out of them! It is working with Lizzie though- Hhmmmm, you might be on to something!