30 December 2007

Follow the Money

While Barack Obama proclaims to be a regular self-made guy without an outstanding balance sheet, at about two million dollars he is still a far cry from joe-average-american. Compared to his cohorts in the running however, he is a poor man indeed.
Very interesting look at the candidates and their monetary values, and a few hints as to how they got there and what they have done with it at http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2007/moneymag/0712/gallery.candidates.moneymag/index.html

Here's my two cents:

Hillary Clinton- She was an early breadwinner which is a good role model for women everywhere. Lawyer, though... Her secondary income hubby was just a Govenor and a President at the time. Now that she is a Senator, Bill seems to be the breadwinner with books and $150,000 a pop speeches. He spoke at my neices graduation last spring at UNH and from what I hear he was worth it...

John Ambulance Chaser Edwards- I knew I didn't like this guy. Made his money as a personal injury lawyer. I don't know about you but sadly I can tell you the phone number of our state's ambulance chaser from hearing his annoying commercials incessantly... Lowlife. Then he moved into Hedge funds. The ultimate boring, make lots of money because I have lots of money job... YUCK!

Rudy Giuliani- Made his money capitalizing off of 9/11 for the most part. Not sure if I would be boasting about it as much as he does, but overall I could live with him as pres. He beats the socks off of what's his ears Georgie. Divorces drained him a bit, but drugs and energy still provide a little nest egg for him.

My man John McCain. The most real candidate there is imho. Served in the military and serving the public in politics. Never made the big bucks. Has written a couple of books, but gave away the $$$. His wife is the money bags, not him. A friend once said if you marry for money you earn every penny. I hope that isn't true for him.

Barack Obama- Harvard Law. Wife's a lawyer. Sure they worked to get through school, but they make pretty good money as lawyers. Lawyers... Still, the second most real candidate imo.

Mitt Romney- Lucky sperm club. Born with a silver spoon. Hedge funder by geneaology. Have money-make more money. Pretty slick, out of touch with reality, ~~shiver~~ Don't spend the principal, Mitt!

Fred Thompson- Lawyer, Lobbyist, Actor. Hhhmmm... Lawyer(nose crinkle). Lobbyist-overpaid negotiator. Actor? Well, I bet he can give a speech better than Georgie does. Not that interested...

So, if money tells us anything about how in touch the candidates are with reality I would have to throw my votes toward McCain and Obama. Hilly has done her time, and so has Giuliani. Edwards and Romney can fall of the edge of the earth for all I care... Thompson who?


EXSENO said...

Oh God, anyone has to be better the George Bush, I just wish we could have gotten him out of office sooner.
I kept wishing someone would suggest having him impeached, but no such luck.
We've had some bad presidents in the past but I think he tops the chart.

Shannon said...

He has made some of the most die hard Republicans I know support the other team. Living in NH that is saying something! They don't even bother defending him anymore, just shake their heads...
The common thread in the debate last night was change. Anyone, even among the conservatives, would bring a welcome change from Bush!