07 December 2007

Are you a cat person?

Would you say you're a cat person or dog person? The two are like the yin and yang in my family. I always thought I liked both growing up, but we had birds so what did I know? My mother is a dog person. She will say she doesn't like animals at all, but I disagree. We had a dog until I got bit (on the face) by one and had to have plastic surgery for several years after.
Dogs are more social. They want you to like them, want you to pet them, want you to play with them, and like to be with the group. I think if this describes you, you may be a dog person. My father, on the other hand, is more of a cat person. He is more solitary, likes to do things independently, and doesn't really seek the approval of anyone. Cat people don't necessarily want someone clinging to them all the time, every now and then sure, but when I want my space Iwantitnow!
I would say that in my marriage Art is the dog person, and I fill the cat person shoes. That is not to say that I don't love my dog, I just have many more rules/limits than Art does about him licking or breathing on me, leaning or laying on me. Art could curl up on the floor and be drooled on for hours and not care one bit. He's just happy to be hanging out with the dog. I like my cats. They are smart, independent, and maybe a little snarky at times. They disappear when they want to be alone, but will let you pet them when they feel like it. They don't take it personally if you get up and walk away in the middle of petting them. But, if I am at a party or someones house I am much much more likely to play with their dog than their kid, so it's not that I don't like dogs, I just prefer cats...
I think that cat people are more vociferous about being cat people, or more clearly not being dog people. We have one friend who tries to give us his wife's dog every time we see them. The other just tells us how rotten his dog is and how she's out to get him! She seems to be pretty sweet, although terrified of him! One of those cat people is working on our house. It is funny to watch him with the kitten monster. They scoop her up, and snuggle her, or give her a string or piece of box to play with while she is "helping" him.


EXSENO said...

Me too, I was attacked by a Chow and I had to have plastic surgery. He was polite he let me keep half of my nose. But I still love all animals. Dogs and Cats.
I you don't get two comment from me, the first time blogger said it couldn't post right now. So if you do get too, please feel free to delete one of them.

Michelle L. said...

I have a dog and 2 cats, but I think I am a "dog person." But a specific kind of dog. Like an old dog that is too tired to jump on you and doesn't slobber.

I would be a cat person if it wasn't for that whole "poop in a box" thing. Oh, and I don't comprehend why they feel it necessary to poop in the box and then immediately stalk across all the countertops.

Shannon said...

I still love dogs, except for Norwegian Elkhounds (dog that bit me). Chows can be a bit twitchy, too... The hairs on my arm instinctively go up around some dogs.
I like my malamute, though. He is kind of like the dog you described michelle l. Doesn't drool, or slobber, very low key and slow moving, and fairly quiet. Of course, he is ten, but he was much calmer compared to his counterparts when he was younger too :)
My cats have always been trained to go outside through a cat door to take care of business. With the kitten monster we have regressed to cat box, and I hate it! I am counting the minutes until Blizzadora grows up enough to boot her buns outside for that business and get rid of the box!