11 December 2007

First Snow

November 21 was actually the first snow in my little NH town. It mostly melted by the time it snowed for real a week or so later. While we got four to six inches in that storm it was forecast that it would also melt and we would be back in the forties and fifties. Well, instead we have had two or three more little storms, teens at night, and twenties to maybe 30 during the days. It is getting late enough that I think we are not going to see the ground until the spring rains come. Of course, everyone is calling wondering what is wrong with their stove since their stove is "eating" a lot more fuel this year than last. My stoves, and boiler are chugging away! Everywhere you go even the hardy New Englanders are already getting a little grouchy about all the pre-holiday ice, snow, and cold. Suck it up boys and girls, winter doesn't technically start for almost two more weeks! After last year I am glad to have a normal winter. Polar is pretty stoked, too! I look forward to using my cross country skis since I have not been able to since moving up here. There has been no snow! With flurries, and snow, ending in a Nor'Easter this weekend I may get to strap them on by the end of the week :) Our friends have a rope tow on their property and have an open invitation for Art to pop over to ski! (I could go too, except I hate skiing. Grew up in Utah and Colorado and parents who used to make me go every weekend growing up equals true hatred as an adult!) I like my cross country skis though. Polar can come with and I can go around my back field, or up the road, etc., etc... Here is a clip of Po in the first real storm, and a couple of others. White Christmas here we come!

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