02 May 2007

It's All Relative

It's a small world. Ironically, the first time this dawned on me I was visiting Disneyland when I was a little girl. It was our big family vacation to California, and boy was I surprised when I was standing in line for a ride. I saw two girlfriends who went to my school back in Colorado. I couldn't believe it was possible to be that far from home, and still see people so familiar.
A and I got another taste of how small this world and town really are yesterday. We were visiting A's Mom (who is now in a rehab clinic btw) when we received a phone call from our store. A's Aunt Anita was passing through and thought she would stop in. (This isn't the small world part- she knew we had a store...) Anyway she asked A if we were looking to store pellets up in the town we live in. A said, "Yes, at the C Bros. Dairy." Mike drives a truck for our us delivering pellets. Anita then asked if we knew Chris C. and his wife Jen? Well, of course we do. He is the oldest brother, and she ran for town secretary this year. Then she said, "Well you must also know Patrick and his wife Jill, too?" Again A replied yes. Jill is on auxiliary with me, and Patrick is on the fire department with A. It turns out that Jen and Jill are cousins, and their Mother's Sister is Anita. Anita's sister's have girls named Jill and Jen, and they both married C Bros.! Anita married A's Mom's Brother.
So in a weird sort of way A and the C Bros are related.

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