24 May 2007

Chip 'n Dale or Wicked Good Lobsta!

I couldn't decide which title to use for this post so I went with both. On Monday or Tuesday of this week ( I never know which day it actually is so it's better not to commit to one for sure...) we went out to the coast for an open house. We have decided to go with a new distributor, so we thought a good way to start would be to go out and see what they have and meet everyone. Of course, in our "it's a small world" way one of the main people running the show is Dale. A went to high school with her. We were in the airport waiting to go to the hearth show a few years back when a gal screamed and practically tackled him in the airport. She is so funny- and loud! Not loud obnoxious, just loud volume wise! No microphone needed! She is always happy and bouncing around hollering "HHhheeeyyy! Good to see ya!" to everyone. They had many of their vendors throughout their warehouse with displays and sales reps on hand. Very nice display. We got to see some people we knew, sales reps and peers alike. It's a hard life- sunny day out on the coast chatting it up. Then of course- lunch! Lobsters, sausage and grilled squash on smokers they sell with flavored wood pellets for fuel-(Lobsters boiled of course). I am not a lobster fan usually. Other than the fact that they stare at you throughout the meal, and "scream" when they get tossed in the boiling water, they also have a fishy taste, and a slimy texture- EEeewww! But, I thought I would try to eat one since I have a limited menu at this point and A loves them so much. I gnawed my way through both claws. I quit when A said "Stop (grimmacing) and smile :)" I tried. A was thrilled though- he ended up with two Lobsters for lunch! I loved the sausage smoked with maple pellets- YUM! Then we met up with our sales rep (wait for it .....................no really, it's good. What? You already guessed?? Allright then) Chip! Chip was a good guy, and managed to kipe some paint samples, and gave us a box of flavored wood pellets to boot. We picked up a new vendor that is a little further away but they have the pipe we are switching to, it's run by people we know and like, and they offer a new product (new to us) that we are excited to branch into this year- more on that later I'm sure. Chip and Dale throw a Wicked Good party.

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