18 May 2007

100 to see/do before I die.

I have enjoyed the winter at home. We have only had one (business) trip since last July. At this point we are starting to see the next year's travels on the horizon. I am so excited about Nova Scotia, and we have the usual work trips but all of the planning got me thinking... Where do I want to go? What would I consider my 100 trips to do before I die? The following is what I came up with. Many things I have done, but at 35 I should hope that I have visited some of the places, and done some of the things I would like to have done! Where would you like to go?
1 Coral Reefs of Australia.
2 White sand beaches of New Zealand.
3 Grand Canyon
4 Niagara Falls.
5 Drive on Autobahn in Germany.
6 Visit Eagle’s Nest.
7 Travel by high-speed train in Europe.
8 Glacier Bay, Alaska.
9 Denali National Park
10 Summer Solstice in Fairbanks.
11 Chichen Itza.
12 Hoover Dam.
13 Zion National Park.
14 Victoria Falls in Africa.
15 Amazon Jungle tour.
16 Belize.
17 Madiera.
18 Canary Islands.
19 Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii
20 Cable car in San Francisco
21 Fish Market in Seattle.
22 Old Faithful in Yellowstone.
23 Houseboat on Lake Powell.
24 Opryland in Nashville.
25 Zion National Park.
26 Rocky Mountain National Park.
27 Hike part of Appalachian Trail.
28 Tenochtitlan.
29 Cruise Panama Canal.
30 Louvre in Paris.
31 Great Wall in China.
32 Bike trip in Ireland.
33 Statue of Liberty.
34 Top of Empire State Building.
35 Riverboat on Mississippi.
36 Buckingham Palace.
37 Double Decker bus ride in London.
38 Amsterdam.
39 Carnaval/Mardi Gras in Rio De Janero.
40 Ayre’s Rock in Australia.
41 Mt. St. Helens
42 World Cruise.
43 Singapore.
44 Machu Picchu
45 Pearl Harbor
46 Biodome in AZ.
47 Alamo.
48 White water raft Colorado River.
49 Golden Gate Bridge.
50 See a concert at Carnegie Hall.
51 Smithsonian Museum
52 Octoberfest in Germany.
53 Sauna in Sweden.
54 Stonehenge.
55 Roswell, NM.
56 Bermuda
57 Visit Antarctica.
58 Dogsled in Alaska.
59 Four Corners (CO, UT, AZ, NM)
60 Taj Mahal.
61 Pyramids in Egypt.
62 Greece.
63 Stargate set in Vancouver.
64 Istanbul
65 Baseball game at Fenway Park.
66 Virgin Islands
67 White House
68 Watch Space Shuttle launch.
69 Sunset in Mexico.
70 Saguaro National Park.
71 Tombstone.
72 Abydos.
73 Fjords in Norway.
74 Kremlin
75 Fiji
76 FAO Schwartz in NYC.
77 Montreal.
78 Eat Belgian chocolate in Brussels.
79 Archeological dig in Mexico or South America
80 Fishing in Gloucester
81 Block Island
82 Nantucket.
83 Gondola ride in Venice.
84 British Museum
85 Georgia Acquarium in Atlanta.
86 Disneyworld
87 Sailboat tour to anywhere.
88 Spa in Monte Carlo
89 Moab, Utah.
90 Bar Harbor Maine
91 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
92 PEI
93 Coloseum in Rome
94 Metropolitan Museum of Art
95 Vienna
96 Highland festival in Scotland
97 Bay of Fundi
98 Newport, RI
99 Redwood Forest
100 Bavaria
(Italic- done/been at least once.)

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