23 April 2012

Fenway 100th Anniversary

We in New England have been blessed with bright sun and warm weather this spring.

From a business standpoint it is killing our sales, and from a volunteer firefighter perspective hubby has been very busy fighting wildland fires but alas people love warm weather regardless of the side effects.  But I digress.

My sister in law Sue works for Welch's juice company.  They made a deal with the Red Sox to do a Guinness World Record attempt for the largest toast.  They chose the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park to do the toast.  We were among the lucky few that got to go into Fenway early that day so we could place a sparkling juice under each seat in the stadium for the toast.

Sitting up on the green monster was a treat.  We were allowed just about anywhere in the park except the green monster after the game started.  The only thing we didn't have were seats.  So we ended up on the Budweiser bar deck above (right?) field.

It was a real family affair.  Sue brought more family members than anyone else, and to boot my nephew's sister in law also works for Welch's.  So Sue had ten family members and Kevin's sil had another two with her group!  We had a great morning wandering around the empty stadium after we had placed the juice in record time ;-)

 I am not much of a baseball fan but we had a good time hanging out and enjoying the day.    It was a good ceremony with so many old ball players turning out, the Boston Pops, and an F16 and P51 flyover.

Welch's had also rented a floor at Jillian's across the street.  After a while we went there for some beverages, snacks, and to play pool and rest. 

Art's Dad had a great day and since we were exhausted at the end of the day I bet he was doubly so.  But he never showed it.  Good day start to finish except the Boston Sox lost to the Yankees.

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