09 April 2012


When we arrived in Tucson Tuesday morning Aunt Marilyn picked us up from the airport.  She was very worried about my Father-in-law.  He has been working so hard to take care of Mom and they were worried that he wasn't taking care of himself.
We headed right down to the hospital.  Mom was somewhat lucid when we arrived and we were able to have a short conversation.  She seemed happy to see us and had a good bowl of soup for dinner that day.  She declined each day after.

We started to sort out the details.  The chemo was not working for the multiple myeloma.  She had severe sores from being in bed due to her back which was not healing and she had an antibiotic resistant infection called MRSA.

We talked to Karyn that day who wanted us to tell her if all the sisters needed to come down.  What a hard thing to have to do.  By the time we called to tell them to come Susan had already changed her trip and would arrive the next day.  Karyn and Pam arrived a day later.  Dad was not happy.
By the time Susan arrived Mom was less and less coherent and sleeping more and more.  Her pain was very consistent, however.  She was most lucid when she was in pain.  They scheduled an operation for her sores that Friday.

We all had to gown and glove up each time we entered her room.

I think she was afraid.
We all were.

 Over the next few days some there were some very hard realizations and decisions to be made.

We were all so grateful that we could be there together.

When we went to Peppi's Place the first time there was a calm feeling at last.

The impossible choice had been made.

But it was what was best for Mom.




It was a good place.

They were very kind and helpful.

They did their best to keep Mom comfortable.

It was the right thing.


 Mom passed away early Sunday morning.

March 18, 2012

She is no longer in pain.

 We miss you dearly and hold you in our hearts always.

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