08 April 2012

Holidays 2011

Last winter was quite snowy during the first months of the year so we were a little wary about what this winter might be like.  It was very warm through September and into October, but on Halloween we were surprised with a two foot storm which brought a dejavu feeling of the previous winter.  We carefully shoveled and planned our paths for the winter knowing that last year we ran out of places to put the snow.  After two weeks the snow had melted however.  We did not see a big storm again until February 2012 and other than a brief cold snap in January the temperatures have been quite moderate.  Zdeno did seem to enjoy the little snow that fell but he would rather play ball over frisbee any day.

Thanksgiving was a mild and pleasant day.  We enjoyed our time at the beach and hanging out with family as always.  Art's Mom went into the hospital this week after breaking her back.  We didn't find this out until after the holiday.  Karyn was able to go out to Tuscon to assess and help as needed.  Mom was moved to a rehab hospital for her recovery.  She was not eating well and they seemed to be having a tough time since arriving in October.

I flew to Mexico to surprise my Mom for an early Christmas.  I relaxed with them down there with them for a week then planned to head up to Colorado to see Gary and the kids for the holidays.  One night they planned to go to the ball game and I was really tired so I stayed back at the house.  While checking my facebook a couple of cousins of mine were trying to pass the message that my Aunts were trying to get ahold of my Mom.  Her dad, my grandfather, had passed away unexpectedly.  He had been doing pretty well but had been getting confused and was seeing things so they had put him in a nursing home earlier in the fall.
We were just a couple of days from flying to Colorado so we stayed on  our original flights.  I changed my flight path home and went to Wisconsin with my Mom for the funeral.  It was a strange feeling this time.  We have pretty much lost touch with my Dad's family now that my Grandpa Jack is gone.  Now that all of my grandparents are gone I am not sure I will be back in Wisconsin again.  A little sad to lose touch with family.

As soon as I got home from the funeral we headed down to Connecticut for Christmas.  It was a quick but fun trip.  Zeb made some great holiday 'tinis and we had a good time catching up and enjoying the day. 

We came home for New Year's.  We had some friends over and watched the hockey game.  We were all sagging on the couch by ten pm but it was fun none the less.

The holidays were strange this year.  My Grandfather passed away and a friend of mine from high school committed suicide the same week.  

In January Art headed down to Tucson to see how things were with his folks.  Things were really not good with Mom.  She was in and out of the emergency room and she was not making progress in rehab so they were saying she couldn't stay. 

Dad didn't want her to go to a long term care facility so he arranged to take her home to care for her.  This was what they wanted but we were all very worried for both of them.
She had started chemo for the recently diagnosed bone cancer, but she still had a broken back, wasn't eating, and had the liver cancer.
We planned to have a sibling go out at least once a month to monitor the situation and help as needed.  Art was on call for an emergency trip out since our schedules allow for the most flexibility.

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