29 November 2008


My turn to do a thankful post. I'll try to keep it fresh ;)
I am thankful for life. It is very short, and I hope I can make the best of every moment. Mine, my family and friends, and my fur and feather babies. I am grateful that we did not euthanize my cat when the vet suggested it two months ago. She is doing great! She has put weight back on, and is better than she has been for many many months.I am thankful for my home. Growing up I never imagined that I would have the wonderful home that I do. I am not just talking about the house although I enjoy that too. I have a wonderful husband who tolerates my love of feathered friends, as well as my two darling kittens. Hoping for three soon ((fingers crossed)). A friend in town has a preggers kitty and I am pretty sure one is looking for a bed...
I am thankful for my health. The ear ringy thing is annoying, but not debilitating. My MIL makes sure we all appreciate our health and seeing her struggles really drives home what health is worth.
I am thankful for the weather this fall. It was warm early alleviating fuel issues at the shop, Thanksgiving day was absolutely gorgeous for going to the beach, and with a storm rolling in we will likely have a white Christmas!

I am thankful for my family. I missed my parents and in-laws but know they are happy and warm down in sunny Mexico, and/or Arizona.
My sisters and brothers in law are a lot of fun, and my nieces and nephews are a joy! We had a great time seeing Art's extended family at the beach. What a wonderful tradition. For forty years his family has met on the same beach at Thanksgiving time. It is amazing to see how the kids change from year to year!
I am grateful that the eating is over, and that I have the exercise equipment to work off the SEVEN freakin' pounds I put on this week! Hubby is giving me credit because my Aunt Flo is visiting and I am a little stopped up... Such a wonderful hubby! (sorry if that was too much information, but he cracked me up!)
Lastly, I am glad that I have finished my first knitting project!!! My SIL was an incredible teacher, and so nice in undoing whatever booger mistake I made. She scared me a little (LOT) when she took the needles out of the yarn completely and unraveled five rows of work to go back and undo a big hole I inadvertently made... But, here it is! I am now working on a scarf to match, and with eight rows in I have not added or missed a stitch yet- YAY!


nikkicrumpet said...

Very nice thankful list...I'm jealous about the whole beach thing...and congrats to a well finished knitting project!! Ya did good! And yes...when you lose those 7 pounds...you will be dumber lol

Shannon said...

Thanks Nikki! I hear Plum Island is packed in the summer, but it is quite nice this time of year. I wonder if they have letterboxes out there?? I should have thought of that!
I hate to say I would take dumb in a minute if I could shed these pounds that fast! ;-)>

Renna said...

Yay, your hat looks fantastic, Shannon! I can harldy wait to see your scarf when you finish it, and you'll have such a sense of accomplisment at having made it yourself. WooHoo, you really are a fast learner!

Shannon said...

Renna- Thanks. Not quite in the "fast" category though-LOL! It has been over a month of consistent trying, I'm too embarassed to even guess at how many hours!! I give my sil most of the credit. It would not have looked like a hat, nor would it have been done this weekend without her!

Becky said...

Wow, you're a pretty good knitter! I'm just awful. The hat looks like it could have been bought in a store.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wonderful post, Shannon! I love seeing pictures of your family... whether two-legged, four-legged or feathered!
I'm very impressed with the hat!! Ugh, I'm so jealous of you and Renna! LOL

Nancy said...

Great job on your first completed knitting project. You will become more comfortable and confident with each subsequent project you finish. Keep knitting.