03 November 2008


I know there is an election tomorrow, but quite frankly I don't think there is anything new to say on that topic. I haven't voted for a winner since the 1990's, and while I am hopeful for my candidate of choice I am out of energy to do anything else but put my vote in tomorrow(after morning coffee, of course...
So, on to another pressing ;) topic-
A New England tradition. So popular that the franchise has sold out. You can't open any more! Yet there are lines trailing out on to the street each morning as you head to work, even worse if the next closest is under construction.
Dunkin' Donuts- best coffee around.
If you gave a friend driving instructions by telling them to turn this way or that at the Dunkin' Donuts they would either die laughing or know that you didn't really want them to find the place they are looking for. On my drive to the store I only pass three, but if you go a mile further there are three more.
We are coffee lovers. I buy my coffee beans alternately from Gevalia and good ol' Dunkin's. So we have a fresh pot each morning. If I forget to pack my thermos for future cups it is just about certain that we will stop for a fresh cup of Dunkin's during the day. Decaf at night of course!
Today, when we stopped for an afternoon pick me up at Dunkies I noted a sign in the window that said Dunkin's beat Starbucks.
We have some less fortunate friends (who don't have any Dunkies around them) in Colorado who say they 'love' Starbucks. Nasty! We tell them they are not only totally crackers, but very VERY wrong! That stuff tastes burnt, bitter, and dare I say foul! Starbucks is the demonstration of what NOT to do to coffee- Yow! My neice (bless her) was among the disillusioned. After her first taste of a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Dunkies she started to reconsider. She commented (as have many others) that it is very smooth, and you don't need to add all that extra stuff to it to make it drinkable. It's yummy and smooth all by its warm-self! Helps keep the fingers warm in the winter, and nothing beats an ice cold coffee in the summer! Hazelnut is tasty, but the plain old plain is great, too! I can't wait for their Christmas buy one pound get one pound free!
Turns out we are not the lone messengers in this battle cry. Dunkin's did a good old fashioned blind taste test. Guess who won- over and over again?

Yeah- Dunkins!


Uncivil said...

Day-O, day-o - day-li-light come and Obama go home!

Well, I'm workin' de voter booth all night long -
day-li-lght come and Obama go home. Hey!
All-a de Rebublicans sing this song -
day-li-light come and Obama go home!

agggh...Jeanna's got Beetlejuice on my mind?

Renna said...

I've only ever had Starbucks twice, and I wasn't impressed either time; and even less so considering what I paid for it.

I was unaware that DD was noted for their coffee. We don't have one in our small town, but I do believe they're in the Dallas metroplex area. I'll look for one the next time we go there so hubby and I can stop for a cup. Of course if I'm stopping for a cup of coffee, you can bet I'll get a donut, too. ;-)

It's probably a really good thing they don't have a DD here, since I do try and stay away from donuts. Seriously, we eat donuts an average of once a year, if that.

So, DD sells coffee beans? :-o

Shannon said...

Uncivil- You crack me up! Good luck at the voter booth- I am off to do my vote- Thank God I live in a rinky dink town that would have a line maybe ten people (that you know and could kill time catching up with) in the thick of it. My fingers and toes are crossed!
Renna- I agree Starbucks charges a fortune for it's bitter brew! Not so with Dunks. I buy a mega bag at Sams (we are lucky enough to be able to buy DD ground and bean coffee at the grocery store et al. here), and cough up $1.86 to fill my DD mug that I got from the town yankee swap last year. They do sell online and in the coming weeks (if history holds) they will have their annual buy one get one free sale!

Renna said...

Shannon, if they do have that 1/2 price sell and you find out about it, would you please let me know? My e-mail addy is:
We are always on the lookout for good (and affordable) coffee! :-)

I cracked up at Uncivil's 'song'. I'll have that in my head all day long! ;-Þ

Shannon said...

I kept your addy and will do my best to remember :)
Hubby and I have been humming it all morning, too ;)
Put in my two (red) cents!

Renna said...

Thanks, Shannon! Don't worry if you forget, 'cause I'll likely have forgotten even asking you. ;-Þ

Shannon said...

As long as were in it together!!LOL!

Ben Knight said...

YAY to Dunkins. i moved Election Coverage to 500pm CST.

Shannon said...

Ben- Woo hoo to another Dunkies supporter!!
I'll look for you then :)

EXSENO said...

We don't have a Starbucks or a Dunkin donuts. Drats.

There is a Starbucks pretty far from here but I did get to go there once and I agree, I don't think their coffee is all that great either. It tasted bitter.

Shannon said...

Exseno- Great biz idea for ya! Coming soon! a Dunkin Donuts near you ;-)>

Life Of An Emt said...

ooo I am jealous we don't have a dd around here but I have been to starbucks extremly pricey. and I only get to go when we have out of town trips. I like the carmel ones yummy.

Uncivil said...

Sittin here drinkin Miller Lite and poppin a valium.


Shannon said...

Thanks for the laugh- but I have been singing your version all day!! :)

nikkicrumpet said...

It doesn't look good for our candidate...and yes...I am definitely the odd woman out around here! In fact I may well be the only conservative in the entire state! I was laughing about your dunkin donuts post...check out my Massachusetts post that was several posts back....it has a little bit about dunkin donuts that you'll appreciate! I'm glad you stopped by so I could follow you home. I love chatting with other New Englanders!

jan said...

There is a Starbucks practically on every street corner here. I never go, but there are enough pretentious and trendy people to keep them going. Someday they will listen to their tastebuds and goodbye Starbucks.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Girl, you are soooo right!! Dunkin's coffee rocks.
And a dozen choc glazed munchkins make it taste even better!!! TEE HEE
I'm lucky enough to have a local grocery chain that carries their coffee.... the closest Dunkins for me is in Knoxville, 45 minutes away.