22 November 2008


No matter how old I get in life there are still many, MANY, things I have yet to learn. Unlike the smart aleck high school kid that I was, I like to think that I now appreciate being able to learn and try new things. When I was young school was very easy for me. I didn't have to study, and it was probably a good thing because my parents didn't really have any expectations when it came to homework, reading, etc... When I got to college it opened my eyes fast! Too quickly, I didn't know what they were talking about and I couldn't make my stop light turn from green to yellow in my first engineering class. I pulled the plug and switched schools. I floundered through the next three plus years with poor study skills and not much appreciation for what my parents were giving me (free education). This week I have been taking opportunities to learn again. One self-taught, one submitting to a higher power (not that one- but close ;), and one I hope I am getting better at.
I have always wanted to know how to knit. My Mother never knit, and I could just never seem to find the time to sit down with Art's sister (who is an amazing knitter btw). So I got a pair of needles, and an inexpensive roll of yarn and the first time I tried to knit this is what I came up with-
Yeah, didn't mean to make a triangle. I was shooting for a square. I got frustrated and put it away for about a year or two. I pulled it out again a couple of weeks ago because I had found a how to video online. Knitting Help Online
This was the best tool I had found so far. Check her out! The problem is turning corners. Other than dropping a stitch here and there I think I have the general stitch in a row process down. Somehow when I turn corners I am prone to skip a stitch (or three), or my old nemesis- adding a stitch. This new project has been doubly frustrating because on one side I seem to be doing o.k., but the other looks like a triangle! How on earth can I do it right only half the time when I am doing the same thing!! I brought it over to my friend's house last night to see if she could figure out what on earth I was doing wrong, but she doesn't stitch the same way so she couldn't help much. I tried the way she was stitching but I kept dropping the needle and therefore a stitch or three... Renna might have some thoughts on this too :)?? I will try again on Monday at the auxiliary meeting. One of the ladies is a knitting guru, and my friend said she holds her yarn the same moves her needles the same way so she may be able to tell me what's up! My backup plan is to bring it over on Thanksgiving to have my sil help. I will get there!
The second is school. I have put it off for a long time, just learning what I needed to know to do my job for the biz. I went to school for Physics, and Electronics. You don't learn very much about accounting in either of those departments. I could always squeak by, but that darn balance sheet keeps tripping me up. I need to learn from someone else. So, I investigated the different schools around me and settled on a tech college in Nashua. The question is whether I should just take what I need or should I go for the piece of paper? Of course, the class I need is buried under a pile of prerequisite classes, so it may be irrelevant. So, my plan is to start taking classes this spring. I just couldn't let Art have more jobs than I do! LOL! So now, I have the biz books and payroll, job as treasurer, auxiliary, chickens (gotta love those beaks!), the new biz, three sub-committees for the industry, and school. They always say if you want something done ask a busy person! I am a little scared about school. I was never good at the show up in class three times a week, and if they start with too much that I already know I may doze off and miss it when they come to something new! But, I am up for the challenge and I think it will be a good exercise in discipline. Lord help me!
Lastly a seemingly complex task made simple. How do you get eight grown men to not only smile but dress up in the same outfit at the same time for a photo-op? Set up a fun evening going to the Garden to see the Bruins! Last year we were in the top ten dealers in teh nation for our main stove manufacturer. This year since we were all on allocation they glossed over the awards. But, since we all had the same increase, our standing stayed the same. So we wanted to give them a reward for all their hard work this last year. Of course, we will take some of our Canadian friends, too. The game with be the Montreal Canadiens vs. the Boston Bruins. The details of how we get there and where we eat are up for grabs.
Should be a great time for all!


Becky said...

This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Robert Frost, "Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence."

The difference between a teenager and an adult is realizing that you don't know everything!

nikkicrumpet said...

WOW you're gonna add school onto all that other stuff you do...amazing...you must have energy to spare! The knitting thing...it's like a foreign language to me. I love that you're not giving up this time! You'll get it I'm sure...you seem to have a lot of drive!

Life Of An Emt said...

that is great your going back to school and the knitting your doing good I can't knit but i can and forgive the spelling crochet and I love it very stress relieveing sometimes and relaxing.

Renna said...

Shannon, you are a real go-getter! Tackling any one of those projects at once would be a challenge for me.

I'm not exactly sure what's causing your knitting to go wonky. It's kind of hard to say without looking at it. I've no doubt your sis-in-law will be able to help you with it when she sees it.

I do remember that mine looked pretty much the exact same way when I first learned to knit. You wouldn't believe the number of times I threw my needles and yarn across the room in frustration. I didn't know a soul locally (at the time) who I could ask for advice, so I just kept plugging at it, and it gradually began to look semi-normal. I still struggle with it. I'm not proficient by a long shot.

Both the knittinhelp.com videos as well as the Coats & Clark dvd, Knitting Made Easy were a tremendous help to me. Plus, I asked lots and lots of questions on the Knittinghelp.com message board forum.

I'm so happy you're learning to knit!!! :-D

Shannon said...

Becky- What a great quote! I think we could all benefit from education if what he said was true ;)
Nikki- It's a foreign language to me too! LOL! Sometimes I think I'm a glutton for punishment!
Life of an EMT- Crocheting looks so hard! I'm impressed.

Shannon said...

Renna- Thanks for the tips! I am hopeful mine becomes less 'wonky' soon! It makes me feel a little better to hear everyone say that their's wasn't perfect out of the gate...

Renna said...

Not being perfect out the gate would be an EXTREME understatement, in regards to my early knitting, LOL! ;-Þ

Shannon said...

Well. I took my knitting to the guru. She took one look at it and said pull it out and start again.
This time count the stitches. If you have more than you had last time rip it out and start the line again. She said she also suspected I was splitting threads thus adding extra stitches randomly... She is going to bring a round needle and a pattern for a hat. She said that is the best way to start because you don't have to turn corners :)

Renna said...

Did you take your knitting with you to your Thanksgiving family dinner to show to your sis-in-law?