28 June 2008


We are approaching the end of our traveling season. Just as Miss Lizzy is catching on to some new tricks to try to keep us from going...

Step One: Sit on top of open suitcase. If the suitcase doesn't close they can't leave!

If that fails and you just get messed up a bit try sitting in the bag (giving a dirty look is a nice touch at this point...).

Maybe they will unpack the bag to get all the kitty hair off of their clothes and forget about the trip altogether!?!

Hiding won't stop them from going, but maybe they'll take me with!

If all else fails: Try to eat the bag! This is a tall order, but if the people won't listen maybe you can bully the bag!

1 comment:

Uncivil said...

I'm normally not a cat person but Miss Lizzy is one cool cat!