05 June 2008

Recipe Box Swap

This is through Renna and i have to say...
My recipe for the day is what we will be having for dinner.
Coconut Curry Chicken Salad
(forgot the celery- in the pic not the final salad :)
1 pound chicken strips

1 T Coconut Oil
1 T Mayonaise
2-4 teaspoons curry (to taste)
1/2 cup celery
1 T sun dried tomatoes- minced
1/4 cup shredded coconut
1/8 cup Crushed Walnuts
Salt and Pepper to taste

Heat frying pan over medium to medium high heat. Add EVOO and Butter to coat pan (I use a combo because it can take a higher heat without browning the oil/butter). When hot add chicken strips. Cook until lightly brown and then turn and lightly brown on back side.
Remove chicken to cool. Deglaze pan with approximately 1/4 cup water. I use a flat wooden spatula to get all the good bits up!

Chop or shred chicken into ~1 inch pieces. Mix with deglaze liquid, oils, and other ingredients in bowl. Curry, salt and pepper to taste.

You can serve warm over fresh greens, or cool chicken for a cooler meal.
Garden Greens


Renna said...

Oh, wow, I wish I'd seen this before lunch, when I made my regular old chicken salad. Believe it or not, I did add curry to mine for the first time today. It added a nice little kick. Next time, I'm making your recipe, though!

Amber M. said...

This recipe sounds divine! Can't wait to try it out...

Jessica said...

Yum! This looks like the perfect chicken salad for a picnic lunch! Thanks for stopping by my blog-I'm glad to have found yours!

Kate said...

I have never cooked with curry but after seeing this recipe, I am very excited to try it! and the finished picture looks soooo yummy :)

Gina said...

That's my kinda salad! Thanks for sharing :)

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

This look delicious! I'll have to try it next week. Yum!

EXSENO said...

Looks lovely and easy to make also.

C said...

Oh my gosh! That looks deeeeeeeeeeelish, Shannon! I'm going to have to try that recipe of yours sometime!

Firefly Nights said...

I have a number of recipes for chicken salad but have never seen one with coconut in it before. I'll have to try this.