10 June 2008

Contents of my Purse

Contents of my purse (in no particular order):
1. Coordinating wallet. Such a dork. They had their matching purses and wallets on a clearance sale, and I had a coupon so I went with it.
2. Check book.
3. Palm Pilot so I know if I am coming, or going, and how late I am...
4. Cell Phone
5. Burt's Bee's chapstick
6. Concealer
7. Tide pen. We are both prone to dripping something on us at regular intervals...
8. Ear Plugs- for movie theaters, plane rides, and the #*$&# tinnitus!
9. Drugs and prescriptions- for the #*$&# tinnitus. I wish they would figure that one out! I feel like a test rat!
10. Receipts galore
11. Business cards that haven't found their way into my office yet...
12. Coupon collection- down to a staples coupon at this point.
13. Invitations for our tenth anniversary party- so I can finish getting all the stuff! (Yeah- I like matchy matchy stuff...)
14. Toothpicky things.
15. Pens
16. Copy of bank check from my new (to me) car.
17. Tissue.
18. Tags from recent Bean purchases.
19. Thermometer. Bought this the same day we got the car. It was for my Element :(
Not seen: Girl stuff ;)

1 comment:

C said...

That is awesome, Shannon!!!
I seriously need to get a bigger bag to put all my stuff in! Hubby told me that if I had a bigger bag, I'd probably be lugging around more stuff! Unfortunately, I think Hubby's right! LOL!

Gotta love Burt's Bee's chapstick!! Oh, and I am sooooooooooo glad I've met someone else who has receipts galore in her purse too! Yay! I am not alone! LOL! ;)