27 March 2013


We got back from Florida and the Hearth Show on Saturday and we left for Vermont on Tuesday.  We drove up in a blizzard; by we I mean, Art.  I had a flask and did my best not to pay attention to the semi truck that bowled past us on I-89 going North.  Not five minutes later we saw another 18 wheeler poised on the side of the embankment with his nose facing the road and the box parallel to the road but facing the opposite direction that traffic is traveling.  The really interesting bit is that there were no tire marks in the snow.  It looked as if he had floated to his destination.  No clue how he did it but I am sure it was spectacular and horrifying.  I imagine he needed a change in pants to say the least.  

We had a nice visit at our friend's home.  They were in Florida at the Hearth Show with us and when they heard that we were going to Jay Peak for skiing (again- Art, not me) they offered their vaca-home to us.  We gladly accepted.  It is tucked up on a hill by Lake Willoughby, which can be seen from the house on a clear day.  It is a charming house with classic hardware and charm to beat the band.

The boys and kids went skiing at Jay the first full day and Burke the second.  Sandra and I didn't even have to leave the property.  We snowshoed around the property and beyond we found a snowmobile trail with some easier walking.  Zdeno was able to come with us and he had a blast!  He loves snow shoeing with us.

We got to use the Oakwood first hand as they use this as a heat source at the house.  Sure, they have a furnace but what fun is that?  Will and Sandra also enjoyed the fabulous six burner gas stove in the kitchen.  I am sorry, but those things freak me out!

We did get to go over to enjoy Will's Hill this past weekend as well.  We got to snow shoe and ski with the kids and Zdeno had a blast with Beauty.  She loves to roll him in the snow and drool on his ears.  He loves it!  He jumped out of the car and rolled over in the nearest snowbank for her.  They are too adorable together.  We had a good time, too.  Art taught the kids how to play double solitaire.  

I am quite happy to be home now.  We don't have anything else planned until Newport.  We are not leaving this house (for the night) for all of April!  That will be the first month since November we pulled that off.
I am looking forward to catching up on house cleaning and projects like getting hardware in the new bathroom.  I also want to move my home office from the Bear Room to the Loft.  We fired up the stove on the porch and it is warm enough that we can enjoy daily meals out there again :-)
We also have early buy pricing and notices to get out and that whole pesky 'we need to hire someone' thing to deal with... 

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