18 August 2011

Lake Umbagog

At the Northern tip of NH on the border of Maine there is a beautiful body of water where three rivers converge. It is remote and there are few power boats. Just go to Errol and turn right. It is a small town but an important land mark. Most people access the remote camp sites by canoe or kayak. It is a unique mix of state park and private property with both scattered along the rocky shores and islands.
My husband has done a previous adventure down the Magalloway River into the lake and to the camp site. He is very good at coordinating an annual camping and hiking/kayak trip. All are welcome and he will adjust the plan accordingly. This year it ended up just being three of us and Zdeno which was nice. We went with an old and dear friend of Art's and a friend of mine as well.
We had a nice easy 4.5 mile paddle to our campsite. We arrived much sooner than we thought.We had a great time playing cards, swimming and kayaking/canoeing. Ted was firemaster and we all enjoyed our stay. Our camp site was half in NH and half in Maine. Always fun!Zdeno loves swimming but he had never been in a canoe, much less for 4.5 miles! We were also camping right on the shore so I had concern that his puppy brains might get him in a little trouble so we got him a life jacket. He just thought he was the bees knees when we put that on him. He ended up being very good in the canoe dipping down to get drinks but mostly sitting in the front sniffing the breeze.
He is a bit of a sloppy swimmer in general. He doesn't like to get his face wet so he has a very splashy paddle to keep his head high. With the life jacket he is buoyed an extra few inches and it smoothed out his paddle. He just loved it! I am sure whenever that comes out his excitement meter will spike!

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Paula said...

Wow~ that is a gorgeous place to camp!
I Love Zdeno's cute life vest!