20 August 2011

Bird's Eye View

A long time friend of ours recently got his pilots license. He was kind enough to take us on a flight around Southern NH and over to Vermont one beautiful spring morning. The only turbulence we experienced was when we flew through our own air on a turn. Here are some of the shots I got to take.Our friend and Art with his new toy! It was a perfect day for a ride.
Our first view was of Mt. Monadnock. This mountain defines our region. The name means mountain that stands alone. It does and is so beautiful especially in the fall. It has many hiking trails. It is more challenging than you would think. We once did a midnight hike that was unforgettable!This is Temple's downtown! You can't see the Fire Department/Town Offices though. They are just off screen to the left. To get to our house you head down the road to the left of the house on the bottom of the picture.This pic is coming around on our property. You can also see the pond across the street, the little cottage by the pond, and our little trailer parked next to the greenhouse!
Here we are honed in our our little patch of land. It is early spring and we had been doing a little work behind the pond so it looks a little scratchy in places. You can also see the fields where Damon grew his yummy veggies! We miss him so! The long rectangle at the bottom left is our glorified chicken coop, the back half at least. We are redoing the front for tractor parking.
Above is a shot heading on the back side of Temple Mountain. It is a part of the Wapack range. The Wapack trail is a great interstate hiking route that we have not done in full but we do frequent the portion around us. Some day it would be nice to hike the whole trail!

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