01 March 2010

Chicks, Man!

The time has finally arrived! It's chick time! Well, time to order them, anyway... I was actually a bit slow on the draw. Silkies were high on my list but I should have ordered them in January.I would have had to wait until June to get them. So I will try to find a couple at local chicken swaps this summer instead.
Our current crew is working out really well. The two bantam roosters are a perfect combination. Lou Lou La Roo is top dog, and Sexy Frank is a good balance although he still has a bit of a Napoleon complex.The little girls are good layers and Little Miss Sunshine is just adorable and cuddly through and through. Cuddles is usually right beside La Roo or between the two roo's so I don't get much snuggle time with her. The older girls are sweet as ever and laying like champs!I am adding 13 to the roster this year. Five layers are good for our house and a few to give away, so I am hoping that by upping to 18 layers I can provide the family with farm fresh eggs!We are getting 3 White Leghorns. Sexy Frank is a bantam leghorn but these gals will be full size. If we get a boy we will have to name him Foghorn...
I really wanted some Polish chicks but they were backordered into May. So I am getting a mixed rare breed and hoping that I get one of these, a Frizzle, or a Favorelle. Looks just like a little Elvis chick!
We got 4 rare breed chicks. We are excited to see who comes!! A Frizzle chick looks like the little lady above. TOO CUTE!
I love my Aracaunas. Dorrie is one of my sweetest birds. I also love their blue/green eggs. So I got 3 more of these.
This is my exotic purchase. Three Appenzeller Spitzhaubens. Their are almost as cool to look at as their name sounds! We'll have to come up with a few good Bavarian names for these little cuties!
They arrive at the end of the month!! I can't wait to show pictures of the real cast! Stay tuned!


EXSENO said...

This post has made me miss having chickens. They're not hard to take care of and I loved having them and all those good fresh eggs.

Except for one thing, once there was a chicken snake in the barn and I thought I would never be able to go in there again. I am so afraid of any kind of snake.

EXSENO said...

Hope all is well with you. I enjoy reading your posts.