22 February 2009

Prince and the Pea

Ah, bedtime. One of my favorite parts of the day!
When I was little my Mom got me a canopy bed. I used to run up the hall, jump into the room, swing around the pole, and onto the bed so the alligators underneath couldn't eat me!
When I was in high school I got a waterbed. A big pillow kind. I LOVED that bed. The room was often cool, but my bed was always toasty warm!
Then I started sharing my bed!
While I can sleep almost anywhere...
and even though ou wouldn't know better by sleeping on his lumpy old futon...
I married the Prince (and the pea)!
So we began to look for a bed that fit just right.
The first one we got was as hard as a rock!
It was also a little too small!
We wanted something fun!
Well... maybe not that fun!
It had to be warm because our room was chilly!

Then, once we had two cats and a dog we were trapped!
The sand and grit are endless!
We might as well sleep outdoors!

We finally found the perfect fit!


A New England Life said...

Hee hee Shannon. That's a good one! Glad you found the perfect bed.

I know my hubby hates the animals sleeping with us (one dog and 2 cats) but it's very difficult to keep them off. Last night we were kicking both cats off in the middle of the night! Lily, one of our dogs has been sleeping at the end of our bed since she was a baby so I can't kick her off. Plus she's my soul dog : )

Are you ready for more snow???


jan said...

Very clever post.

We had to ban the cat from the bedroom. She kept forgetting that strolling across human and dog bodies asleep was not amusing. We tried waking her up during the day but she is definitely nocturnal.

Shannon said...

Luckily our mal gets too hot so he only stays up until the lights go out! Our older (very small) cat sleeps on hubby's side, and I share with the 15 pound bath mat Blizzie kitty. Hubby's kitty loves to walk on pillows or heads if they are in the way... just 'cuz she can!
I feel your pain!

nikkicrumpet said...

Fun post....you're right...they do bring the outdoors in! But they sure make good cuddle partners too! I loved some of those beds...especially the one with springs LOL

Renna said...

LOL, that was highly entertaining, Shannon! ;-Þ

We are now down to one pet in the bed. Our Min Pin, Leyna, is extremely cold natured. She loves our electric heated mattress warmer, and since Hubby is too hot natured to turn on his side, Leyna always sleeps stuck to me. It's fine, except we're both fighting for the warmest spot on the bed all night, and she usually gets it. ;-Þ

Uncivil said...

Now that was really something to take my mind off the cares of this world! Love it!!!!!
Just got my doggies back this afternoon. (3 days early I might add)!!
And I'll be dreaming about this post tonight all snuggled up with my snuggle puppies!

Sue said...

Hi Shannon....what a wonderful fun post!! My daughter had the exact same canopy bed when she was little and it's the bed I sold hundreds of when I sold furniture for Sears....I laugh everytime I see one....the name of the bed was called "Bonnet"...but pronounced "Bonet"...like Lisa Bonet from the Cosby show. One day this poor man came back after he had one deliverd....receipt in hand. He says to me " I got the bed but it didn't come with the bonnet?".....He thought the canopy fabric came with the bed and he thought it was the "bonnet"....we laughed for days at that poor man's expense....

Shannon said...

That's funny! I never knew what it was called or that it had a name for that matter. LOL! My Mom worked for Sear's when I was growing up so that explains why I was lucky enough to have one ;)