11 February 2009



I had a problem with the bank bailout last fall and the auto bailout but felt powerless to do anything about it. Now the Spendulus bailout is poised to sink us another 820 billion. This really ticks me off!!
Giving people money does not teach fiscal responsibility, it only prolongs their downward slide. If I ran my business poorly it stands to reason that I would lose money and be forced out of business. I would never expect a handout as a reward for my poor performance, nor would anyone offer me such a handout. Fox News has been very informative about the bailout, including copies of both the house and senate version. It is over 1500 pages so I cannot say I read it all, but you don't have to see much at all before you see how loaded it is. There is a petition link on their home page and I would like to encourage everyone to sign it and pass it on...
Thank you :-)


jan said...

I haven't read it all either, but what I find out is totally frightening. It rewards stupidity and punishes people who play by the rules. I've called my Senators, but I'm afraid it's been wasted time on the phone.

Uncivil said...

You know they got my signature!
Our democratically controlled congress is the reason we're in this mess to start with and Obama just wants to use that money in earmarks to pay his campaign supporters back!!!!

nikkicrumpet said...

I couldn't agree more. Why is it that our society has come to a place where we reward failure and punish those who succeed?

C said...

Great post! Certainly thought provoking.

I know it's been way too long since I've popped on over. I have been thinking of you though! For some reason I honestly thought I'd have more time for the internet and blogging once the baby and I got back from the hospital! Ummm...WRONG!!!

Lisa said...

I never really understood this the first time they did it. We definitely reward people for sitting home and popping out babies for a living. I'm sick of it!!

Sue said...

Thanks for the link...If it wasn't for Fox News nobody would know what going on...I'm watching Glen Beck as we speak...My favorite thing in the bill is the Fribee Parks....that after seeing the other day a whole bunch of people living under a bridge overpass here in beautiful Marietta Georgia...People living under a bridge....Build more homeless shelters vs. build a frisbee park???

Uncivil said...



EXSENO said...

I am totally against this too.
All this is going to do is make the economy even worse.
So lets say they do this. Will the rich people have to pay it back, like we are having to pay theirs,NOT.
We still have to pay for this one as well. This is stupid.