07 January 2009

Thanks Uncivil Jimmy!


J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Cute pic. :) Glad you tried it.

Sue said...

Hi...thanks for visiting by blog at Nikki's suggestion. She wanted to you see my granddaughter's 2009 "Toddler in the movies" post. I hope you saw that also, if not you need to check it out and vote on your favorite photo, I'm having a giveaway on Saturday of a basket with a DVD and movie snacks....I loved your post on Grand Central Station....Sue.

Anonymous said...

Your pooch looks right at home in the snow. How did you do that?

CatHerder said...

Great pics! Thanks for stopping by my blog...as you can probably see from visiting, I am a warm weather person stuck in a snowy winter state lol...cant wait till spring!

Uncivil said...

Gosh, I've been so slack! Just now catching up on all your wonderful posts!
And you know I love this one the most!LOL!!!
The "Yellow Snow Alert" is a good one!
Great magazine cover. Your pup looks right at home in all that snow!

Shannon said...

Jimmy-Polar loved being my muse- except the one time I asked him to stand under the icicles! He looks like I beat him with a stick- hanging his head so low it almost scraped the snow, ears back, big boo boo eyes... Pathetic really. He was more than happy to show off his little igloo though!!
fyi-Alaska in the summer- AWESOME! We went on a cruise tour as a sales award with a bunch of other stove geeks and it was gorgeous! That is what the first pic is from. We started on the equinox in Fairbanks, took a train down through Denali and hopped on a boat and took the inside passage. Highly recommend it- even better if you can do it for free as a sales reward :):):)