07 December 2008

Favorite Things- Online

This is a blog series that has been brewing in me for a while. I know, Oprah did it first but sometimes when you something good you just have to go with it! Hope you enjoy and maybe find something new :)
Miss your favorite show? Have a hankering for an old flick? Or just want to see that scene that everyone is talking about, but don't want to watch the whole show? Hulu. My new fix. It has taken me all day to catch up on the Sanctuary I missed, or see 24 because I forgot to set my tivo. Most things are free and you can pause for as long as you need which works out well for me since I have a short attention span, 11 animals, and a phone that never seems to stop ringing :)

My desire for fitness and eating well comes and goes but this web site helped me understand how much I was eating, what I was getting out of what I was eating, etc... I use the freebie online version.

This site is awesome! At a fire over the summer our Chief lost his new glasses at the scene. His wife was very casual about it. She said she got them for $15 so not a big deal. $15?!? I had just gone to the eye doctor and the glasses I really wanted were over $400 for the frames alone. I didn't order them, and had been looking around for an alternative since only finding lesser glasses for still over $200. I went on Zenni and found the glasses I wanted with the lightweight memory metal, size and shape of lenses I wanted for $49. I have since referred my folks, my SIL, and a friend. They deliver in about two weeks and all I know who have gotten glasses from them rave about them!

I find this to be a great cost saver. For $24.99 for line one with voicemail that I can get through my e-mail on the web site or from my phone, and $10 for a second fax line I get the same service that I used to pay over $80 a month for without long distance and without voicemail! You also get caller id, and 3 way calling.

I don't know how I did without this. GotomyPC gives you access to your home or work desktop from any high speed connected computer. I can log into the store to help with technical issues, do end of day reporting, transfer files, check the schedule, and chat with the user on that end. In my committees we use GoToMyMeeting which allows us all to log in to the same computer to view structure files, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Of course, I will end off with my guilty pleasure/main source for clothing. The Sale section is where you will find me most of the time. Bean is simply the best. High quality, and great deals. They have a warranty and return policy that are unmatched!
LOVE them!


EXSENO said...

Oh, the price of the glasses were for the lens and the frame. Wow

I know someone that needs and pair for her and for her son. But I bet the eye doctor is going to be furious if she gets her glasses somewhere else after he examines her eyes. But his prices are terrible.

Farm Chick Paula said...

I'm right there with you on the LL Bean stuff.... their catalog has some hypnotic quality to it that makes me lose my mind and want to whip out my credit cards!!