21 February 2016


2014 was a year that saw many changes in our lives.  The biggest change was that Art's father moved in with us in Temple.  We re-furbished the little cottage by the pond into a special place for him.  Blizzie moved out there with him for the summer and was on cloud nine.

It was a big change for him to sell the house in Stratham and pack up the home he shared with my Mother in law for so many years.  We are thrilled to have him near us and we settled in to a nice routine.

To break up the year we took a big family trip on a river cruise in Europe.  All could come except Pam and Ralph, including Bud's sister Jeanne.  We all had a great time visiting Budapest where we departed from, and traveling up the Rhine and Mein to Amsterdam ultimately.  Castle ping pong was a highlight of the tour, and the locks and bridges were impressive to say the least.


We got a wonderful clock in the Black Forest.  Not a cuckoo clock, however.  I thought the noise would drive me cuckoo, but we got a nice open gear clock that has a gentle ting each hour.

2014 was also a big year at home.  We got a new puppy.  Jackson has an Echo Dog white shepherd mama and an unknown Daddy, but we suspect he is mostly lab since Jax has that look.  He came home just after Thanksgiving.  He has been a joy and a pleasure since day one.  Zdeno gets irritated occasionally but overall loves him thoroughly.  Blizzie was not very happy.  

 He was named after Jackson Teller on a TV Show called Sons of Anarchy.  I had never seen the show but loved the name.  It stuck and fits well.  We later watched SoA and loved that (strangely enough) as well.

 Jackson is a calming force for Zdeno.  There is not much that gets to Jax.  He just wants to be happy and have everyone else happy.  He is a lover.  He and Tuukka get along almost as well.  It was a very snowy year up here in NH.  The puppies got very proficient in snow Swimming!  Zdeno loved taking the lead.  

We got a mini-season package of tickets to teh Bruins again this year.  We got great seats in the Loge behind the tunnel where the Zamboni and Renne Rancourt come out.  It is also the area where Blades hangs out.  Love my Bruins!

We also got to spend a lot of time with Abbie and Teddy.  

In the spring we got to do a repeat of one of our all time favorite vacations- houseboat on Lake Powell.  Karyn, Ralph, Pam, Abbie, Lindsay, Bud, Jeanne, Rick, Kathy, Art and I all got to go.  

I think we got their biggest houseboat and got a little power boat as well.  It was a little chilly but we all had a great time and it was beautiful!

 For the first time in many years we won an award from Harman.  It was a best sales growth award.  This was quite an honor and it was very nice to receive this in our new location.  It really has turned out to be a good move.  Brookline is a very business friendly town and we have great customers and employees.  Ted and Mark have gone above and beyond as managers as well.  Blessed!


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