06 October 2011

Newport 2011

Each year we go down to Newport to visit Art's parents during their timeshare week.  We really look forward to the trip.  Our favorite activities are often done over and over again and we look forward to revisiting our favorites.  This year we spent both days out on Breton Point flying kites.  Art got a new kite this year in hopes that he would be able to go out there to fly kites with his Dad.  They both have stunt kites but Dad also brought a fun airplane kite.  It didn't seem air-worthy but on the second day they got the flappy little guy up no problem.  We had a great lunch at Flo's Clam Shack the first day.  The gals had fish and chips while the boys had fried clams.  Delicious!  We also walked up and down Thames street for a little sightseeing and window shopping.  We did get Art's Dad some fudge for later on.  We also were able to catch up on our card playing.  Art has been so busy this fall at the store that we haven't been able to go over to their house as much as we'd like.  Hand and foot is our game du jour.  We have a great time playing.  We also made a stop at the Brick Alley for burgers on the way out of town.  It was a short visit but one that I am so glad we were able to make!

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