13 September 2009

Atlas Shrugged was not a 'How To' manual...

New meaning to the "Elephant in the room!"
It may not be perfect but it is the best out there!

How to get a banana socialism vs. capitalism.
Socialism - Capitalism
Be careful what you wish for!
Atlas Shrugged was a cautionary tale.


Uncivil said...

Loved the North Korea is Dark photo!!!!!!!


I swear it does look like they are using "Atlas Shrugged" as their manual for change? Bastads!!!!

Nabeel said...

The whole health care opposition is so terrible. I mean whatever happened to "decency among the republicans? They are trying to divide the country, seems so pathetic

Shannon said...

First, I am not a Republican. I am an Independent. Second, I (and I can't think of others Tea Party included) that are "opposed" to health care. What we are opposed to is spending a Trillion more dollars to rush through a bill that does little (if nothing) more than simply dump millions of people into the existing health care system, put government mandate on who gets (or has to provide) what, and government control over the system (socializing).
If we were actually talking about 'reforming' health care, fixing what is wrong with it, like excessive and frivolous lawsuits, cost transparency, and attracting people to the field we would be in the front row!
Rushing through ANOTHER HUGE bill full of pork and special interests- no thanks.
Tell me- who is writing this bill? What concessions and favors are being written into it? What exactly is in the bill other than dumping millions of people to the tune of a Trillion (MORE) dollars?
The country has been divided for a long time now. But I will fight for my freedom with every last breath I have. I TRULY believe this administration is attempting to socialize us. I am a capitalist and I am proud of it!
Seems pathetic that we have lost our ability to have FREE speech...

Uncivil said...

I'm a proud republican/capitalist and I can't belive the democrats are trying to shame us for doing what is right?
Someone has to stand up to the governments overtaking of America?

Yes the country is divided, but the Republicans aren't dividing it.
You have those that have worked hard for what they have, and those that sit on their ass and then have the audacity to feel they are entitled to other people's money?
The republicans are finally fed up with the entitlement mentality of the democrats!!!!!!

Shannon said...

Entitlement really torks me off! North Korea is the "be careful what you wish for" message!