28 August 2009


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Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about Zoi. She was a fun and beautiful cat! I am glad that you were able to get more time with her since October. We lost Kittycat (aka Sunny) on July 11th. I had told you about him being sick since around Christmas, and he was never the same. We were returning from a family vacation to Disneyland, when Tony's cousin Seth called us and said Kittycat was gone. We were only an hour away from home (going through Trinidad)when he called. Seth had seen him in the morning and he was ok. I honestly didn't expect him to make it the week that we were gone. He was in pretty bad shape when we left. I just feel bad that we were only an hour away and we didn't get to say goodbye. I tried to be sure to give him lots of love and talked to him before we left, in case that did happen. Tony and Michael were pretty upset. That is the first loss that Michael has had in his life. We were all sad for a couple of days, but we are all just thankful that we had such a great buddy. Take Care, Deb