31 May 2009

Peek in Our Fridge

I love it when I see the online articles and pictures of what's in who's fridge. We try to guess who the bachelor is, who's the professional chef... Here is a snap shot of our fridge pre-shopping. A little sad but at least our egg bin is full :-)
When we travel our fridge can be barren or when we are super busy it can be loaded with leftover containers! When we are home I do try to stock up with meats a couple of times a month, and I try to get fresh fruits and veggies once a week. It has been three weeks since I last went shopping and we traveled before that so it looks like we got a lot. I am hoping that we can make it at least another two weeks before I do a big shop again!
I did a coupon experiment this week. I made my shopping list like normal, then I spent about twenty minutes online looking to see if there were coupons for any of the items on my list. I was shocked at how many I found. So I printed the coupons from the various sites- http://www.coupons.com was the best I found. You didn't have to give up any info to get the coupons. I also grabbed the doubling coupons from Stop and Shop, and printed a coupon page from Shaws. I still looked to see if the off-brand was less expensive (it was for Sudafed and Dole salad) but otherwise I used the coupons. I spent $97 and $44 ($141) at two different stores. I saved $14.50 at one, and $9.65 with club card discounts at the other. That was a total of $24.15! Just for taking a few minutes to print some silly coupons! Will I do that again? Uuummmmm... Heck Yeah!
Growing up in Utah instilled a good sense of pantry in me. What does that mean, you ask? I stock up on dry and canned goods to last through an emergency and then some! I am not as much of a pack rat as I used to be but I do stock up if they have a sale, like this week they had their canned tomatoes 10 for $10 so I got them because I know I will use them eventually so I might as well save when the saving is good!
We are lucky to have a separate bar/game room in our house. So we keep all the beverages in there, well the cold ones anyway ;-) I also use it to stash any zip-seal fruit from our garden that I couldn't cram into our regular freezer.
Hope you enjoyed the tour through my pantry! All this talk of food is making me hungry! and thirsty!! I'm going to go get a snack :-)>


jan said...

I'm totally intimidated by your organizational skills. Or did you just take the day off to organize a photo op?

Shannon said...

Sadly, I am anal-retentive and OCD- not by choice. Hubby is a dear for tolerating me!! )fyi- I think you missed the stain / streak in the fridge that I noticed after I posted- eeewwww!!!)

EXSENO said...

Oh I hate to go grocery shopping, I always make a list because I'm so forgetful, I'll forget what I need before I get to the store if I don't have a list.

I didn't know there was a place to get coupons on the net, but I don't think the places where I live would take a coupon that I printed out from the net. You are lucky to be able to do that.
However I am a great believer in clipping coupons, they help a lot.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Goodness, girl- you are organized! The egg bin sure is full!

Renna said...

I loved peeking into your fridge and pantry! I'm always curious about the things others buy, and no, I don't sneak a peek when I'm visiting someone's home. ;-)

You buy a lot of the same things I buy.

Uncivil said...

Holy smokes Shannon?
Am I seeing reruns of that movie, "Sleeping With The Enemy"???LOL!!!