04 March 2009

Who turned the lights on?

First I thought I would share a little video of my darling Elliot saying a friendly "Good Morning" in his own roostery way! He is afraid of the camera still so he doesn't attack on cue! LOL! I'm sure it won't last but it's working for now!!

I got my adorable baby chicks last June. I wasn't sure if they would lay any eggs until spring because they take from four to six months to start laying, but many stop for the winter.

On my birthday last year one of my nieces found the first egg laid :)

They have been laying two to four eggs a day. This is perfect! I have two eggs a few times a week for breakfast. Ody has an egg every few days, as does Polar... I have been leaving the light on all day and turn it off at night at about seven or seven thirty which many said would keep them laying. Others said it was having Elliot that encouraged them!

The holidays I made deviled eggs all the time! What a great appetizer to bring and share! Then winter set in and I started baking! I found a great quasi-quiche that had eggs and sweet vidalia onions, egg salad, hard boiled eggs, omelets...

Occasionally I would bring a dozen in for one of our guys, I would bring my Deputy Treasurer a dozen for helping when I was gone, or if we went to visit family I would bring some eggs.

Well, something happened this week!

Someone must have turned on the light switch! They jumped from two to four to SEVEN eggs a day- from seven girls!

Holy batman!

They are burying me fast now!
You are looking at four days of eggs minus the four I have used to make cookies the last couple of days!

I declared Thursday (when we have our store meetings) Bring an Egg Carton to Work Day! That way I can bring my basket of eggs and get rid of four or five dozen! (one guy is on holiday, and another out for sick kids...I'll get them later!)
I am going to have to come up with a long term plan!
I could start a candle-making company!
Or an Easter Egg Factory!!
At least I don't have to shop for eggs anymore!!


EXSENO said...

I enjoyed that. Brings back old memories.We used to have chickens. I kind of miss all of that. I love the candle holder by the way. Very nice,

jan said...

What amazing little overachievers!! They must go for that cage free life style.

I love the egg sofa. Like sitting on eggs.

Lisa said...

Great candle idea. I remember when I was little my grandma had bannies that laid brown eggs. I told my 3rd grade teacher about it and she didn't believe me. I took an egg to school and she said I had colored it. So my grandma finally wrote her a note telling her bannies laid brown eggs. (I think they were bannies anyway.) I'm trying to talk my aunt into making a coop and getting some birds. She's not quite convinced. Love the pictures!!

Becky said...

Just looking at your page today made me all happy! SPRING is coming! Oh yea! I can't wait to go on walks again without freezing!

nikkicrumpet said...

Holy chicken those girls are in over drive! They look so pretty in the basket...I love the subtle colors. If nothing else they make great decoration!

Sue said...

Those are some great looking eggs, they look like you dyed them for Easter!! I go through about 2 dozen a week...a need to get some chickens...but the best were the cartoons..my husband was wondering why I was laughing out loud...very cute..

Shannon said...

The cartoon cracks me up! It reminds me of my fil who has taken over shopping duties now that my mil is in a wheelchair...
The candles are fun looking. I think I will try to make some from decorated Easter Eggs next month!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Let's hear it for the girls!
That's the way it's been around here... no eggs in sight, then all of a sudden- eggs everywhere!

Uncivil said...

Those are some hot lookin' chics ya got! I like the shopping list typo. I've gotta pick up a twelve pack of bear now!